Break barriers in a fashionable and sporty way. The Diverse Extreme Team brand created an unique collection DEXT TECH dedicated to lovers of extreme sports and experiences. Our sporty and futuristic clothing are in line with the newest trends and the technology used in our products makes them suited for any kind of environment.

Our DEXT brand combines sport and elegance in a special way only seen in our collection. The core values that drive us while creating our products are energy, adrenaline and the extreme emotions that every athlete feels. The clothes in our newest collection are held in an ascetic form. Thanks to the attention to detail our collection looks fantastic and proves that „less is more” is still trendy.

In the TECH collection you can find that we were inspired by the cosmos and space. Our high quality materials relate to the shine of the moon and the structure of the materials are modeled after planets. The outer layers of the clothing is covered in a reflective coating designed for safety. Our collection is ideal for the lovers of extreme sports and adrenaline. The dominating color scheme is black and white. Minimalistic with class.

The photo shoot for our DEXT collection was shot in an industrial space full of modern machines that emphasize the simplicity of form. Our style is synonymous with unlimited freedom. The presented clothes from our DEXT TECH line stand out with an „out of this world” design and are ideal for men looking to emphasive their confidence. Our collection also has classics like black and white longsleeves, hooded coats and reflective vests.

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