The campaign accompanying the new launch of Diverse Athletics will take you to Italy and show its people from the perspective of a person sensitive to beauty, passionate about street fashion photography and the emotions that accompany random passersby. Why Italy in particular? Because it is a true cradle of style and a place where inspiration can be drawn at every turn. Thanks to this narrative, everyone will be able to feel as if they really went on a stylish journey in search of the latest trends, so that they can then easily create the autumn look of their dreams. The photos and videos created as part of the campaign depict not only the daily lives of Italians, but also their passion for fashion, sense of aesthetics and innate nonchalance. Stylizations as if from ready-to-wear shows of world designers are of the highest quality, and wearing and composing them is pure pleasure. Behind the lens was real street fashion photographer Asia Typek, whose name in the industry is already a brand in itself.

The Athletics line is invariably a remarkably harmonious fusion of comfort and fashion - but each successive iteration surprises with something. This season, the Diverse brand is offering brand new knitted ensembles and outerwear that will delight the biggest trendsetters. In addition to sets for her, thanks to which you will achieve a flawless effortless look, the offer for her includes tactile sweaters and sweater dresses with wool in the composition, blouses made of high-quality cotton, minimalist bodysuits in white and black, and casual trouser models. A perfect complement to urban outfits will be a quilted, large shopper bag. The men's offer will allow you to compose the perfect capsule closet in a sporty-casual style based on T-shirts sweatshirts, joggers that will stay with you for many seasons. Any combination of elements according to the idea of mix&match will always allow you to achieve a coherent styling.

The children's line includes sweatshirts and sweatpants, short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts, and a jacket with detachable sleeves that can also be worn as a vest. In keeping with the idea of the mini-me trend, many models have been designed with reference to adult proposals. The whole was maintained in subdued oatmeal colors - whites, beiges, browns, grays and black. A complement to the outfit, not only for the youngest, will be warm beanie hats, thanks to which autumn chills will certainly not frighten you. And if you have four-legged friends, you will also be able to give them a nice gift, because Diverse designers in this collection have thought of a sweatshirt designed for dogs and bigger cats. Now literally everyone can be part of the Athletics Team. Athletics proposals can also provide inspiration for a fashion moodboard, which will be a stylish inspiration for each day of the coming autumn.