Diverse Open

Diverse once again presents its version of the athleisure style. This time we have seen the original definition of the tenniscore trend, which has become a permanent element of summer fashion canon.

Polo shirts, pleated skirts, comfortable tops and classic tennis shoes - all in a simplistic color palette. The collection is dominated by navy blue, court green and a noble shade of chalk white. Assemble an outfit for more than just an afternoon spent on the court.

Sporty chic worthy of Princess Diana has been an inspiration for years and the iconic preppy trend has been a part of fashion history for years. Using the elite dress code, we can truly feel like a member of the high society, who spends their leisure time actively on the sunny tennis court. The courtside trend, as one of the leading sporting inspirations in the fashion industry, encourages us to be active and to incorporate high-quality workout clothes into our everyday outfits.

It's a high-end aesthetic that makes us look minimalistic but still striking.