In this difficult time, our thoughts are with our Ukrainian friends. The situation is even more painful for us, because they are not only our close neighbors, but also co-workers who we see every day.

We act and try to bring help, opposing the incomprehensible acts of aggression. Our company is transporting essential food, medical and hygiene supplies and clothing to the war-affected areas. Additionally, clothing from our closed stores in Ukraine has been donated to the local hospitals.

Since the founding of the company, we have paid particular attention to an ethical approach to business and selectively choose our partners. We would like to emphasise that none of our partners has ever expressed controversial political views or sympathised with the activities of the Kremlin authorities. We have never agreed to any actions threatening human freedom and dignity, and we do not intend to change that now.

We are united in a clear gesture of solidarity and among our services you will not find solutions coming from Russian companies. In connection with the armed conflict, we have initiated a complex process of terminating of all our cooperation with Russian contractors. In Russia there are currently no sales carried out by ETOS S.A. We are not processing any orders and there are no orders going through Russian intermediaries.