Red, White & Navy. Which color will you choose? Premium collection from the DIVERSE brand

Red, White & Navy from the DIVERSE brand is one of the top women's lines this season. It's all about tricolor palette - red, white and navy blue. Two unique models took part in the campaign - Daria Piotrowiak and Patrycja Sobolewska, finalist of the 9th edition of the "Top Model" program.

The collection was inspired by elite entertainment in prestigious holiday locations and active form of recreation. In these clothes, we can both play tennis and walk around the city. One thing is for sure - we will always look great!

Lady in Red

Fiery red is an extremely feminine hue that works perfectly both solo and combined with other colors. It has special energy and makes us feel confident. Do you want to look fashionable and at the same time take care of your comfort? Choose one of the loose dresses. ENUKO or GALO models will be a true ally of everyday outfits. The collection also includes a baseball cap in this energetic color and NORDE pants made of soft fabric and decorated with stripes.

Beautiful in White

Beauty is in simplicity. Good base is essential. It is worth keeping this in mind when completing your wardrobe. One of the undisputed essentials is the classic white CORIA t-shirt with a subtle side tie or TUNIA - a navy blue gradient t-shirt. Let's not forget the white polo dress! This is a model that fashionistas around the world love. Perfect for both the golf court and meeting friends.

Royal Navy

Deep navy blue is a color that is very elegant in itself and suits many styles. How about a white and navy blue striped blouse? This is one of the elements that cannot be missing in a wardrobe. The marine-style outfit is perfect for a weekend on a yacht or motorboat rides. The horizontal stripes can be found on a loose KOKI T-shirt or a knitted MER blouse. Such a blouse in combination with chino pants will create a look that no resident of the French Riviera would be ashamed of. If you would like to emphasize the bottom of the look, choose HONA - a bandeau skirt with a delicate slit.

Red, White & Navy is the style of a rich suburb where elite sports entertainment takes the lead. This is a collection of fashion ideas not only for tennis or squash. Polo dresses, white sneakers and comfortable sweatshirts can also be the base for Sunday lunch.

Create your own look straight from the Hamptons!