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Casual products for which the Diverse brand is famous.


Racing collection for motorsport fans.


A new collection of swimwear by Diverse and CLTN. Diverse styles, rich prints and a multitude of colors make the line universal but still striking. Get a perfect tan with the latest beachwear. 


Diverse brings back the summer and launches its Summer 2022 campaign, another session resulting from the brand's collaboration with the brilliant photographer Dorota Szulc. Warm colors, sunset tones and surfer waves bring to mind nostalgic character of summer evenings spent in the most climatic destinations. Feel the freedom and ease - become a nomad exploring the world in the summer season. Summer vacations and high temperatures make you want to experiment with fashion and see yourself in a completely new light.

Wanderlust, camping, kitesurfing, fishboarding - whatever you choose, you will always look glamorous and, above all, dress in tune with yourself. Rediscover summer activities and express your passion with cool hippie styles.

The COALITION line, legendary among surfers, is back in a new seasonal version. There are plenty of sweatshirts with the cult CLTN Roar, but the collection still surprises with novelties in original colors and prints. This year's collection is dominated by retro stylistics. Brown, orange, broken white and acid wash materials refresh the canon characteristic of a typical summer collection. These are clear inspirations from the 70s and the flower child culture, which continues to inspire today's surfers.

COALITION Kids is the long-awaited children's collection by the brand's fans. In accordance with the mini-me trend, the products resemble those from the adult collection. Thanks to this every parent and child can create a matching set. The collection also features pastels, which are perfect for summer weather. The swimsuits made of UV-protective material will protect the youngest from the holiday sun. The line is completed with intriguing tracksuit sets and double-sided bucket hats.

One of the most important pillars of the Summer 2022 collection is of course beachwear. A wide range of bikinis and functional onesies will make sure that there is something for everyone. These unique bikinis will enhance your figure, while guaranteeing comfort and convenience for your favourite water sports. Create your own set according to the mix&match trend.


Diverse once again presents its version of the athleisure style. This time we have seen the original definition of the tenniscore trend, which has become a permanent element of summer fashion canon.

Polo shirts, pleated skirts, comfortable tops and classic tennis shoes - all in a simplistic color palette. The collection is dominated by navy blue, court green and a noble shade of chalk white. Assemble an outfit for more than just an afternoon spent on the court.

Sporty chic worthy of Princess Diana has been an inspiration for years and the iconic preppy trend has been a part of fashion history for years. Using the elite dress code, we can truly feel like a member of the high society, who spends their leisure time actively on the sunny tennis court. The courtside trend, as one of the leading sporting inspirations in the fashion industry, encourages us to be active and to incorporate high-quality workout clothes into our everyday outfits.

It's a high-end aesthetic that makes us look minimalistic but still striking.


The Polish brand Diverse presents its very own definition of the athleisure style in its latest collection ATHLETICS. What reigns here is the minimalism characteristic of clean it-girls, all in a natural color palette. These comfortable tracksuits allow to achieve a harmonious and relaxed look, characteristic for the icons of streetwear.

Diverse gives its definition of the current trends, and the sporty version has long since ceased to be solely associated with exercise and physical activity. The Polish brand successfully combines both functionality and aesthetics in their collections. In the spirit of effortless style the DIVERSE ATHLETICS collection was created, which proves that less is more. This spring we opt for minimalistic total looks bearing the brand's logo.

Unconstrained freedom and relaxation have never been so essential. The new line creates a perfect balance between comfort and standout style. The sweatshirt pieces form the foundation for everyday outfits. In combination with a classic beige trench and trendy sneakers, they create a ready-to-wear look in line with modern city trends.


Extreme emotions, spectacular rivalry and adrenaline in the desert sun. For the second year in a row, the Diverse Extreme Team is the technical partner of the iconic Dakar Rally. A special collection of apparel was presented by the youngest Polish motorcyclist, Konrad Dąbrowski, who will give a full display of his skills during this unique event in January.

For many years, the Polish brand Diverse has been emphasising the great impact of sport on the development of its clothing line. It is not without reason that the high-performance sub-brand Diverse Extreme Team was created, addressing its products to active lifestyle enthusiasts - both amateurs and industry professionals. DEXT also supports the representatives of the Original by Motul category, which is the most difficult and, at the same time, the most authentic category of the Dakar Rally.

The Diverse Extreme Team has cooperated with iconic brands such as Motul, Honda HRC, the Inter Europol Competition team or the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This year it has once again decided to support the DUUST Racing Team. Its representative is Konrad Dąbrowski who, at the age of 19, was the only Polish motorcyclist to cross the finish line of the Dakar Rally, thus going down in the history of the event. In this year's preparations for Dakar 2022, he was accompanied by clothes from the latest Diverse collection which he had a chance to test during training in the extreme desert conditions.



An explosion of colors and the triumph of comfort. Discover the latest collection of tracksuits in vibrant colors. In line with the mix&match trend, you can freely mix the elements to create your own distinct composition.


Party clothes and glamorous accessories. The PARTY collection is everything you need for the carnival season.


The Diverse brand, in response to current trends, has once again presented an interesting vision of the clothes of the future. The latest collection of jackets for the autumn/winter 2021 season is all about comfort, functionality and sporty styles. All this in a fashionable, yet ultra-modern edition.

Jackets are a must-have in every autumn/winter closet. This season we focus on minimalism. Enhanced with stylish solutions such as reflective materials, holographic effects or reflective elements, they gain their original character and will stay in your closet for a long period of time. The Diverse brand constantly proves that technology goes hand in hand with fashion by applying clever, functional solutions.

The autumn/winter 2021 collection is an ideal choice for active people. Apart from classic, geometrical pieces, there are also those equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

Products from the EVO Series or HEAT, which are heated with the help of a a powerbank, are proposals which will satisfy the most demanding users. Made of technical materials with parameters and attention to the finest details, they are perfect for winter activities. Those who go for spectacular outfits will certainly like the MOYRA jacket made of holographic material.


Break barriers in a fashionable and sporty way. The Diverse Extreme Team brand created an unique collection DEXT TECH dedicated to lovers of extreme sports and experiences. Our sporty and futuristic clothing are in line with the newest trends and the technology used in our products makes them suited for any kind of environment.

Our DEXT brand combines sport and elegance in a special way only seen in our collection. The core values that drive us while creating our products are energy, adrenaline and the extreme emotions that every athlete feels. The clothes in our newest collection are held in an ascetic form. Thanks to the attention to detail our collection looks fantastic and proves that „less is more” is still trendy.

In the TECH collection you can find that we were inspired by the cosmos and space. Our high quality materials relate to the shine of the moon and the structure of the materials are modeled after planets. The outer layers of the clothing is covered in a reflective coating designed for safety. Our collection is ideal for the lovers of extreme sports and adrenaline. The dominating color scheme is black and white. Minimalistic with class.


Passion for adrenaline and development of sports activities. This is what (and much more) connects us with the well-known Extreme Sports. Get to know the results of our unique cooperation.


The Premium Homewear line creates the perfect environment for you to relax. Everyday activities become unique rituals. Dress up in a comfortable outfit and take time just for yourself.


Naturalness, comfort and ease are synonymous with the American definition of style. Iconic jeans, classic bomber jackets and irreplaceable sneakers - all of which have their origins overseas. We cannot imagine casual stylizations without them. With the FROM NEW YORK TO WARSAW campaign, Diverse is bringing authentic, metropolitan street style to city streets.

The photos of silhouettes against the backdrop of raw architecture, lofts or the skyline of Warsaw reflect the true nature of big city life. Diverse apparel perfectly plays with big-city frames and popular spots. They refer to street style and hip-hop culture . Skateboarding, parkour, graffiti or breakdance would not be the same without comfortable and sporty clothes. These are products that guarantee comfort and independence. The new Diverse lines are diverse styles characteristic of big city communities. This is where people break out of the well-known norms and opt for originality and unconventionality.


What is success? It's a mixture of many factors that help you reach your goal. The right clothing is one of them. The Diverse brand has many sports references in its DNA. This time it has collaborated with Motul, a well-known motor oil manufacturer and multiple co-author of motorsport accomplishments.

The Diverse brand has always promoted an active lifestyle. Its collections are inspired by the world of motorisation and motorsports. This is clothing for fans of extreme competitions who have speed and adrenaline flowing through their veins. Life is moving at a rapid pace. What can you do to keep up that pace? Above all, make sure you have comfortable and reliable clothing. The latest limited Diverse line, created together with Motul, meets these needs. This is a brand that has contributed to many victories on the most important race tracks. No wonder this collaboration is a treat for four-wheel enthusiasts.


The sunset hovering over the world's most famous road, Route 66, as seen from a classic Ford Mustang at speed. In the background a strong grunge sound and the feeling of unlimited freedom. This is the journey that the Diverse brand takes us on with its latest DENIM campaign. You are welcome to join us! 

In order to travel freely, it is important to be comfortable. It is worth packing clothes in your backpack with timeless design, durable and made of good quality materials. Clothes in which you will feel that the world is unlimited.

In the latest edition of the DENIM collection by Diverse, you can play the role of an urban nomad. An adventurous, independent traveller with a distinctive style. The collection includes timeless denim classics, which are good to have in your wardrobe, as well as retro-style models. This is a range of offers for both women and men!

Sporty spirit in the most fashionable version - the 24H LE MANS collection from Diverse

The 24h Le Mans is a world-famous race associated with luxury vehicles and patronising premium brands. The only Polish team taking part in the 24-hour rivalry is Inter Europol Competition, and the clothing brand Diverse, part of the ETOS S.A. group, has become its official partner. The brand has prepared a sports themed collection.

The Diverse Extreme Team, in cooperation with the organiser of the legendary race, the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), has created a limited collection of 24h Le Mans clothing dedicated to men. Apart from designing a licensed line of clothing, the brand became a partner of the only Polish team taking part in the prestigious event - the Inter Europol Competition. The Diverse Extreme Team logo can be seen, among other things, on the team's car.

What characterises an official product? The Le Mans 24 Hours line consists mainly of men's sweatshirts, T-shirts, longsleeves and trousers. There is also a variety of accessories.

The entire collection was created in colours referring to the visual identification of the 24h Le Mans - there is a lot of white, navy blue and red. The logos of the legendary race appear as prints on T-shirts or even as patches on polo shirts. There are also cotton T-shirts with motoring themed graphics. The long-sleeved garments include sweatshirts with large logos, ribbed bomber jackets and longsleeves in various colours.

Summer essentials check - new products from the Diverse brand

Diverse presents great new items for the SS 2021 season. In addition to classic summer trends offer includes the seasonal COALITION line. There are also fashionable proposals from the beachwear line and clothes for the youngest.

Juicy colors, original cuts and the most fashionable forms. This is how in few words you can describe the new products that have just appeared in the Diverse offer. The clothes are made for carefree spending sunny days as well as long warm evenings.

Summer is fast approaching so it's worth getting ready for it. It is anticipated like never before - let it be unique. The clothes from the latest collection are available in Diverse stationary stores and at



Red, White & Navy

Red, White & Navy from the DIVERSE brand is one of the top women's lines this season. It's all about tricolor pallete - red, white and navy blue. Two unique models took part in the campaign - Daria Piotrowiak and Patrycja Sobolewska, finalist of the 9th edition of the "Top Model" program.

The collection was inspired by elite entertainment in prestigious holiday locations and an active form of recreation. In these clothes, we can both play tennis and walk around the city. One thing is for sure - we will always look great!

Red, White & Navy is the style of a rich suburb, where elite sports entertainment takes the lead. Polo dresses, white sneakers and comfortable sweatshirts can also be the basis of styling for Sunday lunch.

Create your own outfit straight from the Hamptons!


Lookbook spring 2021

#STAYCOMFY everywhere! Spring lookbook of the DIVERSE brand

Last year's realities changed the approach to fashion. DIVERSE responds to new needs and fits into color trends. The spring sets offered by the brand will allow you not only to comfortably spend time at home, but also during everyday challenges and even sports activities. Here's a new lookbook for Spring 2021!

The latest campaign is defined by the most stylish and practical proposals for her and for him. The clothes have been designed in universal and subdued colors - the colors of earth, grays, beiges, pastels and off-whites.




There is nothing better than good pair… of jeans. These words perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the latest DIVERSE brand campaign. It is a story full of passion, freedom and no boundaries. Referring to surprising, unpredictable road trips and unlimited freedom.

The heroes of DENIM STORY are a mysterious couple - a woman and a man. They live life to the fullest, value comfort and spontaneity. They get carried away by the moment and their senses. They exchange intimate looks and kisses. They give themselves up to passionate oblivion. Good denim becomes an equal hero of the love scene. A perfectly selected cut allows for unrestricted movements and ensures that we always look great. Thanks to this, in DIVERSE jeans we can be even closer to each other. Nothing limits us… because denim does not limit! This is how history is made. Here and now counts.


Dakar 2021: Arabia as never seen before

Chapter 3 of the history of the Dakar is now in full swing. After the first edition held in the Middle East last January, the competitors and crews are heading back to Saudi Arabia to continue exploring the deserts of the country. The route designed for the 2021 edition is a loop course beginning and ending in Jeddah, where the toughest competitors will arrive a few days after the rest day in Ha'il, where the Saudi rally-raid community comes together every year. While the bivouac will revisit some of the places where it set up camp a few months ago, the specials will be 100% new.

Discover the collection of clothes that will work even in the most demanding desert conditions - DAKAR '21 DEXT COLLECTION.


Skandinavian style means minimalism and good quality care. There will be found in this collection netither extravagant ornaments nor eccentric forms. In the vein of that way of thinging, Diverse has created the latest Winter Campaign.


This year’s photo shoot for the spring collection is unconventional. The producers of the photographs have ventured out to try creative solutions reflecting the dynamic, youthfully energetic and temperamental character of the collection. The pictures have been taken in motion, with the use of models actively moving through space, which has brought about interesting and artistically original effects.

The whole shoot has been realized in one of Warsaw’s state-of-the-art photographic studios by the team of the I like Photo Agency, specializing in fashion shoots for the largest Polish brands and magazines.    


The DIVERSE salons will soon feature the new summer collection, full of vibrant colours, tropical motifs and consistently fashionable modern forms and cuts.

The details and ideas behind the collection are still shrouded in secrecy.

What DIVERSE has revealed so far is that the shoot was realized in the world’s business, film and technology centre – Los Angeles. The effects promise to be as atmospheric, distinctive and unique as the city itself.

For the past few seasons, photos for the brand’s lookbooks have been shot in the largest metropolises in the world. Various corners of the world are chosen depending on the character of the collection. In fact they are always the architectural materialization of the trend that dominates the collection. 


The modernist spaces of Berlin, one of the largest European metropolises, provided the background for the DIVERSE autumn-winter 2014 photo shoot. The city is famous for its avant-garde art and night life. Its industrial, rather aesthetic buildings of futuristic shape and distinctive form ideally complement the minimalist and technical DIVERSE collection, whose designers have been inspired by machines, technology and industry. Modern architecture and asymmetry, so present in the life of contemporary man, have also delivered a strong impulse for creating a collection addressed to dynamic people. 


In the last few decades denim has become the most versatile element of the wardrobe. Its use as a material has evolved over time, having taken extreme directions, from typically protective work clothes to more formal wear. Today denim is practically ubiquitous. A denim dress or feminine overalls worn with high heels is a commonplace. Finally, denim has taken over the salons!

DIVERSE Denim is a collection which reveals the sensuous and alluring aspects of denim, which has now graduated from the most practical of clothing materials to one used in the sexiest of all outfits. 


In the spring-summer 2014 collection Diverse proposes streetstyle, inspired by the 1990s fashion with its bandana motifs, evergreen denim and also, in the mischievous take of the boyfriend style, checks, stripes, knitted tracksuits and feminine overalls.

The photo shoot took place in vibrant Buenos Aires, delightful in its authenticity and artistic richness rushing through the bustling streets of this port agglomeration.