Summer essentials check - new products from the Diverse brand

Diverse presents great new items for the SS 2021 season. In addition to classic summer trends offer includes the seasonal COALITION line. There are also fashionable proposals from the beachwear line and clothes for the youngest.

Juicy colors, original cuts and the most fashionable forms. This is how in few words you can describe the new products that have just appeared in the Diverse offer. The clothes are made for carefree spending sunny days as well as long warm evenings.

Summer is fast approaching so it's worth getting ready for it. It is anticipated like never before - let it be unique. The clothes from the latest collection are available in Diverse stationary stores and at



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Red, White & Navy

Red, White & Navy from the DIVERSE brand is one of the top women's lines this season. It's all about tricolor pallete - red, white and navy blue. Two unique models took part in the campaign - Daria Piotrowiak and Patrycja Sobolewska, finalist of the 9th edition of the "Top Model" program.

The collection was inspired by elite entertainment in prestigious holiday locations and an active form of recreation. In these clothes, we can both play tennis and walk around the city. One thing is for sure - we will always look great!

Red, White & Navy is the style of a rich suburb, where elite sports entertainment takes the lead. Polo dresses, white sneakers and comfortable sweatshirts can also be the basis of styling for Sunday lunch.

Create your own outfit straight from the Hamptons!


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Lookbook spring 2021

#STAYCOMFY everywhere! Spring lookbook of the DIVERSE brand

Last year's realities changed the approach to fashion. DIVERSE responds to new needs and fits into color trends. The spring sets offered by the brand will allow you not only to comfortably spend time at home, but also during everyday challenges and even sports activities. Here's a new lookbook for Spring 2021!

The latest campaign is defined by the most stylish and practical proposals for her and for him. The clothes have been designed in universal and subdued colors - the colors of earth, grays, beiges, pastels and off-whites.



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There is nothing better than good pair… of jeans. These words perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the latest DIVERSE brand campaign. It is a story full of passion, freedom and no boundaries. Referring to surprising, unpredictable road trips and unlimited freedom.

The heroes of DENIM STORY are a mysterious couple - a woman and a man. They live life to the fullest, value comfort and spontaneity. They get carried away by the moment and their senses. They exchange intimate looks and kisses. They give themselves up to passionate oblivion. Good denim becomes an equal hero of the love scene. A perfectly selected cut allows for unrestricted movements and ensures that we always look great. Thanks to this, in DIVERSE jeans we can be even closer to each other. Nothing limits us… because denim does not limit! This is how history is made. Here and now counts.


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Dakar 2021: Arabia as never seen before

Chapter 3 of the history of the Dakar is now in full swing. After the first edition held in the Middle East last January, the competitors and crews are heading back to Saudi Arabia to continue exploring the deserts of the country. The route designed for the 2021 edition is a loop course beginning and ending in Jeddah, where the toughest competitors will arrive a few days after the rest day in Ha'il, where the Saudi rally-raid community comes together every year. While the bivouac will revisit some of the places where it set up camp a few months ago, the specials will be 100% new.

Discover the collection of clothes that will work even in the most demanding desert conditions - DAKAR '21 DEXT COLLECTION.


Skandinavian style means minimalism and good quality care. There will be found in this collection netither extravagant ornaments nor eccentric forms. In the vein of that way of thinging, Diverse has created the latest Winter Campaign.


This year’s photo shoot for the spring collection is unconventional. The producers of the photographs have ventured out to try creative solutions reflecting the dynamic, youthfully energetic and temperamental character of the collection. The pictures have been taken in motion, with the use of models actively moving through space, which has brought about interesting and artistically original effects.

The whole shoot has been realized in one of Warsaw’s state-of-the-art photographic studios by the team of the I like Photo Agency, specializing in fashion shoots for the largest Polish brands and magazines.    


The DIVERSE salons will soon feature the new summer collection, full of vibrant colours, tropical motifs and consistently fashionable modern forms and cuts.

The details and ideas behind the collection are still shrouded in secrecy.

What DIVERSE has revealed so far is that the shoot was realized in the world’s business, film and technology centre – Los Angeles. The effects promise to be as atmospheric, distinctive and unique as the city itself.

For the past few seasons, photos for the brand’s lookbooks have been shot in the largest metropolises in the world. Various corners of the world are chosen depending on the character of the collection. In fact they are always the architectural materialization of the trend that dominates the collection. 


The modernist spaces of Berlin, one of the largest European metropolises, provided the background for the DIVERSE autumn-winter 2014 photo shoot. The city is famous for its avant-garde art and night life. Its industrial, rather aesthetic buildings of futuristic shape and distinctive form ideally complement the minimalist and technical DIVERSE collection, whose designers have been inspired by machines, technology and industry. Modern architecture and asymmetry, so present in the life of contemporary man, have also delivered a strong impulse for creating a collection addressed to dynamic people. 


In the last few decades denim has become the most versatile element of the wardrobe. Its use as a material has evolved over time, having taken extreme directions, from typically protective work clothes to more formal wear. Today denim is practically ubiquitous. A denim dress or feminine overalls worn with high heels is a commonplace. Finally, denim has taken over the salons!

DIVERSE Denim is a collection which reveals the sensuous and alluring aspects of denim, which has now graduated from the most practical of clothing materials to one used in the sexiest of all outfits. 


In the spring-summer 2014 collection Diverse proposes streetstyle, inspired by the 1990s fashion with its bandana motifs, evergreen denim and also, in the mischievous take of the boyfriend style, checks, stripes, knitted tracksuits and feminine overalls.

The photo shoot took place in vibrant Buenos Aires, delightful in its authenticity and artistic richness rushing through the bustling streets of this port agglomeration.