Etos SA conducts continuous efforts to increase the standards of manufactured clothing - both in the scope of quality of goods and production processes, compliance with legal regulations and principles of social coexistence, and international directives.

The Company's philosophy is not to make a profit at all costs - it is more important that employees of contractors are treated in a manner that respects the basic rights of each person - the right to respect, fair remuneration and hygienic working conditions.

Under no circumstances may employment lead to the exploitation of employees.

We are proud to observe that establishing cooperation between the Company and a given contractor is often a stimulus stimulating the development of the area in which the supplier operates, among others by creating new jobs, enabling you to earn a living - often thus creating a chance for a dignified existence.

Etos, expecting contractors to fully implement the fair-trade policy, implements periodic audits in the form of surveys or visits to production plants that directly verify the implementation of the declared activities.

This is evidenced by the fact that in the years 2019-2020, ETOS strives for 95% of the suppliers cooperating with it to have bSCI and / or SMETA Certificates.

In addition, the Company is involved in various types of charity campaigns on the domestic market, supporting social initiatives, while taking care of its employees and external client.

After introducing the conflict of interest management procedure and anti-corruption policy, the Code of Conduct was created in 2019. It describes the need to take care of high work standards and rules of conduct of an employee with other employees, colleagues, subordinates, superiors, clients and contractors, aimed at respecting the rights of other people.

The company cares not only about human capital and safe working conditions, but also about the natural environment, expecting from its contractors a policy aimed at its protection and a balanced, rational development that respects the local ecosystem. ETOS S.A. independently introduces solutions aimed at reducing the consumption of plastic packaging. In addition, it ensures the use of appropriate materials in the production process, such as: organic cotton, viscose lenzing and recycled polyester, and collections that are no longer sold are donated to charity.